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Of for work related conferences at a beautiful resort and was approached by a man. Attractive ... more so than not. Agreed to dinner and we had great conversation. He inquired about my wants in life and I shared with him what I was looking for and he was rather intrigued, enough so to say he wanted on the ride. At the end of the evening he wanted to get a room ...
and Breathing heavily, I never got a chance to answer as he had rapidly stripped off his shirt, clearly too impatient to bother with his pants at the moment, and covered my body with his. He grabbed my hands, even the occupied one, and pinned them over my head before lowering his head to my neck and pressing kisses slowly up to my mouth. He proceeded to consume my mouth, ignoring my squirming beneath him, and desperate attempts to get relief by rubbing my pussy on his thigh which was just out of my reach. I arched my back, rubbing my aching nipples against his chest, while thrusting my tongue in his mouth. Mercifully, he transferred my wrists into one hand while reaching down with the other to tease my already hardening nipple into aching hardness. As he slid his mouth down to cover my left nipple a loud moan escaped my lips and I felt him chuckle to himself at my neediness. After catching my breath slightly, "I need you inside me, now!" Ne ignores me, continuing to suck roughly on my nipples, alternating between bites and pinches. Khowing this will make me cum, he rapidly sits up in order to slide his pants off, exposing his thick, eight inch long cock to me. He hovers over my pussy, teasing my clit with the precum soaked head, my hips arching towards him. He continues to tease me, putting his head in but not thrusting any further, lightly rubbing my clit with one hand, my hips bucking at him, begging for him to slam home, but knowing he will only do what he wants...Enough keep it in your pants...
I wanted sex...he was looking for the same thing as me.