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Just as much as guys love a no strings attached fling, girls get off on that, too. The difference with girls is that we often (not always!) like our "flings" to be a little more personal – have a little more depth than just a one – night stand. That being said, guys can easily get put into a "friends with benefits" role, many times working for both parties involved. In fact, FWB can be a perfect arrangement for a girl and guy who really like hanging out with one another, but aren’t quite interested in investing in the other person alone. FWB means you always have a booty call, always have someone to call to watch a movie with, and always know is a reliable back up if you fail to pick up someone hotter on any given night out. The simple fact is that men almost never fall in love this way. The woman might not have had any illusions about the fact that the relationship was purely sexual, but I suspect she did have some illusions about just how unlikely it was that her love interest would change his perspective on the relationship. If she hadn't, she wouldn't have wasted her time.The vast majority of women view a casual sexual relationship as a potential stepping stone towards a relationship. Men, on the other hand, see it as nothing more than what it sounds like: sex with no emotional ties, no commitment, nothing. If anything, men treat it as a step away from a committed relationship, because if they wanted more from a woman, they wouldn't settle for mere sex; they'd want her exclusivity also.Any man who is mildly observant of the opposite sex will have a hunch in the back of his mind that this kind of relationship is bound to explode eventually. But he isn't going to turn down all of the commitment-free sex he'll get in the meantime just because of some "feeling." Men don’t trust feelings the way women do. Men are hyper-rational, literal creatures. If it is called no-strings-attached relationship, that’s exactly how he treats it, no matter how much cuddling and hanging out is involved.
But it raises a question: do FWB relationships ever lead to anything deeper? I ask because I suspect at least some women enter into FWB relationships in the hopes this will happen. However, I see no incentive for men in FWB to ever let this happen. For men, FWB is the ultimate win-win situation. They get frequent sex with a woman they like, plus the companionship her friendship offers, without having to shoulder any of the obligations of a committed relationship.
It trust , for an intelligent woman,it works the exact same way. Make no mistake, I am not "promoting" FwB as "better" than committed relationships. And here’s another point; in a GENUINE FwB, there is the obligation of friend to friend. Friends care about and help each other, might share an activity... To me, the crucial pont is that a FwB isn't SUPPOSED to lead to something deeper. It's for when your life just doesn't permit the effort and committment of a longterm relationship,or a person who is a good friend and a good lover but you can clearly see that there are incompatibilities that would make a close,committed relationship untenable. And yes I'm sure there are FwBs that lead to more...
A woman who is in a FWB situation usually knows she is a FWB. It's not like the guy is fooling her into believing he has a relationship with her. It would benefit both parties if both of them want nothing other than that.